Quote Stripper

Delete quoted text markers from forwarded emails

Do you often receive e-mails from friends or colleagues with funny stories, jokes, etc. in the body, yet you can't make them out because they've been forwarded 10,000 times, and end up looking like this:
> >> > A young man is wandering, lost, in a
> >> > forest when he comes upon a small house.
> >> Knocking on the door, he is greeted by an
> >> ancient Chinese man with a long grey beard

It's really difficult to read the joke in this form. Kinda takes the fun out of it! That's why Quote Stripper was created; it does exactly what the name implies - it removes the quoted text markers ('>') from the whole message. Your friends will appreciate it too, when you forward a message without all those annoying angle brackets preceding every line.

Take a look at what this progra features:

  • Removes quotes from e-mail messages
  • Checks clipboard contents automatically
  • Friendly, modern Microsoft Windows GUI
  • Can set up a new e-mail containing the stripped text using your default e-mail client

Quote Stripper


Quote Stripper 1.3